Quality of Life

Thermopolis people cherish their lifestyle, and understand its rareness. Real ranchers, cowboys, and Indians live here, where the western mystique is alive and well. The lifestyle is laid-back and casual. When it’s time to work people work, and when it’s time to play they play. People know one another.

The physical setting here is spectacular, colorful, and inspiring, with one of the best climates in Wyoming. There are a thousand square miles of public land in Hot Springs County, and thousands more in neighboring counties, making it possible to experience a nature that is relatively untouched, but easily accessible. Thermopolis is home to Hot Springs State Park, featuring one of the world’s largest mineral hot springs. Here you will find a wide variety of indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities from world class museums, to endless outdoor adventures.

Housing, acreages, and cost of living are inexpensive relative to any metropolitan areas. The schools, like most Wyoming schools, are excellent, and the crime rate very low. Medical facilities are exceptional for a small town, offering up to date technology and services. Public utilities are up to date, and well ran, modern telecommunications facilities are available, and most religious denominations are present.

Thermopolis is noted for its welcoming attitude towards business. Wyoming’s business friendly tax environment, low cost of business start up and operating costs, and a productive, educated work force, make Thermopolis an ideal place for many different types of businesses to thrive. Thermopolis and Hot Springs County are determined to grow, but without sacrificing the quality of life that makes Thermopolis a unique and wonderful place to live!