Business Advantages

There are numerous advantages for doing business in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Many advantages include labor, quality of life, and local and state incentives.

Labor Advantages
• Thermopolis` population is 2,905; Hot Springs County is 4,622. About 80,000 people live within a hundred mile radius of Thermopolis.
• Wyoming is among the top ten states for the percentage of adults with Internet access and technology in the schools. It is also fourth in per capita funding of public education.
• At 90.7 percent, Wyoming ranks second in the nation for the highest percent of people age 25 and older that completed high school. Hot Springs County`s rate is 88 percent.
• Wyoming is top in the nation for high growth industries and has state programs to aide the Wyoming workforce.

Quality of Life
Scenically Spectacular, the town of Thermopolis is nestled in a valley of green meadows and red buttes surrounded by hills and mountains. A western-family small town with low crime rates, excellent public utilities and schools, churches of most denominations and an outdoor lifestyle most would envy, Thermopolis is truly an undiscovered jewel of the West.

Local Incentives
• Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program
• Training Programs
• Leadership Training Programs

State Incentives
• No Corporate State Income Tax
• No Personal State Income Tax
• Business Ready Community Grant & Loan Program
• Industrial Development Revenue Bonds
• Wyoming Partnership Challenge Loan Program
• Workforce Training Grants