Thermopolis Hot Springs County Economic Development Company (EDC)

Located in Thermopolis, Wyoming

The EDC was formed not only to attract and help start new organizations in Thermopolis, but to help facilitate the growth and expansion of current businesses. In doing so, we hope to increase the amount of jobs available and the overall economic wellbeing of the residents of Hot Springs County.
Quick Introduction to Thermopolis:

  • Nestled along the Owl Creek, Big Horn and Absaroka Mountains
  • Home to Hot Springs State Park, featuring one of the world`s largest mineral hot springs
  • Friendly, small-western town attitude
  • Diverse indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities
  • Low cost business start up and operation
  • Rapidly diversifying economy
  • High-speed, broad bandwidth wireless telecommunications
  • Affordable commercial and residential real estate opportunities
  • Enthusiastic labor force of more than 15,000 within one hour
  • Excellent schools, Health care facilities, and world class museums